About Me

Email: onuratci [at] icloud.com



Current: Development Coordinator @ Argela

Past: Development Manager & Cloud Architect @ COMODO Turkey

8+ Years of Software Development Experience

2+ Years Scrum & Agile Development Team Management Experience.


- Amazon Web Services Early Adopter

- J2EE Application Development

- Development of Sip,VOIP and IVR applications.

- Async realtime client-server communication, Atmosphere Framework and Async servlets.

- Configuration and development JVM applications for Docker instances.

- Android/iOS mobile client applications and server side api development.Android/iOS apps publishing and embedding process.

- Digital Signatures and knowledge of cryptography standards.

- Scalable and easy to manage Web Based Software development with PHP(Zend framework) and JSP

- Linux Server Management (Apache/Nginx Http Servers, Dovecot,Postfix,MySQL, Apache Tomcat, Cron Jobs and Backup Tasks,Fail2Ban,DRBD based MySQL Clustering,Linux bash scripting,Rsyslog log rotation and log redirection, Mcafee Email Gateway Management)

-Patching and rebuilding source rpm packages for Centos, Redhat and Oracle Linux. -C++ development for linux operating systems and building rpm packages on linux.

-Memcached protocol implementation in java for providing memcached service in traditional SQL database projects.

Experienced on:

-Programming Languages and Frameworks: Java, Android, Spring, JSP,PHP,C#,C++,Node JS,JQuery,HTML,CSS,Asp.Net, JPA, Quartz,Loj4J,Ionic,PhoneGap (Apache Cordova),C++

-Development Tools: IntelliJ Idea,Eclipse, Android Studio & ADT, Netbeans,XCode, Visual Studio, SOAP UI, MySQL Workbech, Selenium Automated Testing Tool.

-General Development Tools: Git, SVN, Jira, Jenkins, Redmine, Maven

-Databases: Mysql, Oracle, PostgreSQL,Memcached,MongoDB,SqLite